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Hi anyone, Croninvest still paying ?
hello, just try make some deposit with 2195% investment plan. Do you have recommendation in which plan is the best to choose from this investment company ?
Yes, sure, i earned daily 9% profit and ever paid two time with After Days investment plan with that big profits
For Daily, i recommend 7% daily, but After days plan always offer better amount of profits, 2195% after 15 days is best offer for now, i think
Hola a todos saludos, soy nuevo y estoy interesado también en invertir en el plan de 2195%, me pueden confirmar si están pagando éste plan algún amigo inversionista, gracias.
Yes, yes and yes. This is amazing project! See part of my payouts
just earn $13, 265, you can check on here
hello every one ya til des francophone ici

Sorry, but only English, please
It is a best platform if they are paying on time.

I hope that they are paying as per comitment.

I'm also new on this platform and i invested two days before in (2195PA15D) 2195% for the test account if i got that withdraw without any trouble than definitely i will refer to all of my company employees, almost 10,000 employees are working in our company as well as my company will also move some investment on this platform for long terms relationship.

Also suggest me for the best plan for long terms.

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